Flat Grain Beetle

A Symptom of a Condition

The flat grain beetle is one of the smallest beetles that attacks stored grain and seed. It can be seen at sunset flying around grain bins. This insect is a secondary feeder that is attracted to moist grain. It is a symptom of a condition, and the condition is out of condition grain. When grain is spilled on gravel it will start to mold when it rains. This moldy condition will attract this tiny brown beetle from great distances away.

According to research at Oklahoma State University and Kansas State University, this insect is increasing its level of resistance to phosphine to cause control failure. Considering it lives in near anaerobic conditions, it is a strong survivor of harsh conditions. Resistance testing is important to help the manager dial in the correct dosage rate and fumigant to control flat grain beetles.

The real damage this stored grain and seed pest causes is its mere presence. The flat grain beetle and other moisture loving insects aggregate in large numbers and can cause the grain to heat up. These hot spots can cause the grain and seed heat damage and a lowering of quality.

If you offer this insect pest what it doesn’t like it will leave or die. Dry sound grain and seed will offer these insects those conditions that it does not prefer and it will leave or die. Fungus feeding insects are symptoms of a condition. Keep it dry.


Notice the long antennae on this flat grain beetle. It is a good flyer and prefers out of condition grain. The flat grain beetle is 1/8” long and flattened.


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