To Mulch or Not To Mulch?

Mulching and recycling have done more for the residential pest control industry than anything else.

One of the first signs of spring is bags of mulch arriving at the gas stations and garden stores. Americans are obsessed with mulching around their homes. Mulch will hold down the weeds but it will attract insects. Few people associate mulch with insects but insects
use these mulched areas like an oasis when summer comes and moisture is scare. One entomologist showed that any mulch thicker than 4-5 inches will retain moisture year round and become a source of home invasion from ants, millipedes, centipedes, earwigs, termites, and hundreds of other moisture seeking pests that live within a few feet of your home.

What can you do?

Replace your mulching with inorganic mulches or nonplant materials and include, gravel, pebbles, rock chips, and crushed stone.
If you still want the organic mulches, then only use a thin layer of less than 4-5 inches and check to make sure it dries out during the summer months.


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