10 Ways to Serve You Better…

1. Technical Support: Our team of entomologists with over 80 years of experience believe you should start with the insect first. A fumigation for rice weevil is different than for flour beetles which is different than a fungus feeder. Insects Limited specializes in various applications of pest management. Fumigation Service & Supply provides premium custom fumigations and commercial service to protect stored products. We are a leader in pheromone technology. As sister companies, we share our talents and experiences.
“We study the science to practice the art.”

2. Newsletters: Since 1981, FSS has offered updates and industry news for protecting stored products. Communication is a priority to our customers. Over 1.5 million Fumigants & Pheromones Newsletters have gone out to 60 countries over the last 33 years. We hope that the information that you receive from this newsletter will help you in your business, and you, in turn, will help support our business.

3. Education: We organize and participate in educational programs locally, nationally and internationally. “We believe that if you want to be professional, you must stay current.”

4. Trade Associations and Organizations: FSS continues to support many trade organizations that support you: National Feed and Grain Association, Grain Elevator and Processing Society (GEAPS), Indiana GEAPS and Illinois GEAPS board members,
International Association of Operative Millers (IAOM), Ohio Seed Trade Association, Popcorn Institute – technical committee, Kentucky Agro-Business Assoc, National Pest Control Association, Illinois Pest Control Association, Michigan Agri-Business
Association, Wisconsin Pest Control Association, American Museum Association, Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce, American Chemical Society, Pi Chi Omega – Pest Control Fraternity, Purdue Department of Entomology Developmental Committee, Michigan Pest Management, Illinois Crop Improvement Assoc, Indiana Hardwood Lumberman’s Assoc, Grain & Feed Association of Illinois, Ohio AgriBusiness Assoc, and Entomology Society of America and Board Certified Entomologists.

5. Customer Service: Get it there right the first time and on time. Most orders are shipped the same day at Insects Limited and FSS. If your order comes to us before 3:00 p.m. we strive to ship the same day. It is important to have current Safety Data Sheets with your products. Updated Safety Data Sheets are posted on our website for easy reference. Our new box truck can pick up and deliver fumigants. We stand ready to do emergency fumigations caused by shutdowns.

6. Websites and Social Media: FSS, IL, and GreenWay have modern and informative websites. Our social media committee meets monthly to update our social sites with current informative articles, and pictures. Our new YouTube videos will help offer training on fumigation and insect identification. With our Stormfront software you can order pheromone traps and lures from our online store anytime, including weekends and holidays.

7. Phosphine Resistance Testing: We can determine the level of resistance in pest insects. For over 10 years we have been doing testing for resistance in our lab in Westfield. It is important to collect and evaluate beetles and weevils prior to fumigations to know what dosage rate is needed to offer an effective fumigation. This service is free of charge to our customers.

8. Experience: Our fumigation crews have many years of experience. We have 25 licensed fumigators in offices across the Midwest: Indianapolis; Chicago; Bloomington, Illinois; Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Cincinnati; Ft. Wayne, and Lansing, Michigan.

9. We have USDA Export Fumigation Warehouses to fumigate stored products year round: This includes logs, seed, popcorn, wood packaging materials, bed bug infested materials, and many other items that need fumigating in a temperature controlled and secure environment.

10. Safety & Compliance: This includes Fumigation Management Plans (FMP), state licensing, drug testing, and onsite safety supervision and compliance. We comply with your safety standards. All FSS employees have background checks, physical exams, and submit to random drug testing.



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