Organic Pest Management: Part 2

by David K. Mueller, BCE

What’s Green? What’s Natural? and What’s Organic?

Consumers today are confused by these various terms that point to a change in thinking about how we control pests. Pesticide-free products are being requested by customers without a full understanding or expectation of how these low impact ‘Green’ products control pests while leaving no harmful residues on the product. The list of products listed as organic certified by the USDA is relatively small and limited. However, the use of these products in combination with true IPM strategies like Prevention, Monitoring and Control will suppress pest populations and help prevent outbreaks.

Pest Control Tools for Organic Products Insect Control:
• Biological gels for fly breeding sites
• Boiling water (drain cleaner)
• Boric acid
• Botanicals (non-synergized pyrethrins, mint oil, wintergreen oil, other essential oils, clove oil)
• Carbon dioxide, fumigant (inert gas, 45% at 72°F for seven days)
• Clove oil (insecticide, granular, dust, herbicide, contact insecticide)
• Cold (0° core temperature for six days)
• Diatomaceous Earth (Insecto™, MotherEarth™)
• Dipel™ (Bacillus thuringensis, grain treatment)

• Fruit fly traps (SmartWay™ Fruit Fly traps for home and commercial use)
• Heat (130–160ºF for 2–24 hours)
• Insect growth regulators (insect juvenile hormones including: Precor™, Gentrol™, Point
Source™, Nylar™, Fenoxycarb)
• Insect light traps (flying light attract insects captured in a glue board)
• Insecticidal soaps
• Moth Suppression™ (female moth attractant)
• MotherEarth 2% Py Contact™ aerorsol (pyrethrum only)
• Neem (oil repellent and grain treatment)
• Pheromone traps (stored product beetles and moths, 1 trap per 2000-3000 sq. ft.)
• Predator insects (egg parasitoids, predaceous wasps)
• PyGanic™ (insecticide, non-synergized pyrethrim, fogging, grain protectant, or spot application)

• Sticky traps and barriers

Rodent Control:
• Copper mesh (plugging mouse and insect entrances)
• Glue traps for rodents
• Mechanical mouse traps (multiply catch)
• Rodent non-toxic census baits

• Snap traps for mice (bait with peanut butter)

PROHIBITED Substances for Organic Facilities Include:
• Anticoagulant rodent baits
• Methyl bromide
• Moth balls and moth crystals
• Nicotine
• Petroleum solvents
• Piperonyl butoxide, common synergist
• Sulfur dioxide fumigant
• Synthetic pyrethroids

IPM Practices:
• 30 inches of crushed stone around the exterior
• Bird netting (exclude birds from areas)
• Powerful flashlight (detection of pests)
• Sodium vapor lights (lighting is crucial)
• Vacuum sweeper (with long attachments)


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