Fruit Flies

Dr. Jim Fredericks, technical director for the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), recently stated in Pest Management Magazine: “Traps and lures can reduce populations and provide insight to where the fruit flies are abundant; but to gain control in accounts such as restaurants or bars, kitchens, and food processing operations you need to work with clients to identify breeding locations and remove the fermenting organic matter in which the developing
larvae live and feed.”

“Much of the fruit fly’s success can be attributed to its biology. The speed at which fruit flies are able to complete their life cycle has a significant effect on management efforts. A female fruit fly is able to produce hundreds of eggs in her short 40 – 50 day lifespan. Fruit flies require only seven to ten days to develop from eggs to adults, so suppressed adult populations quickly rebound.”

Fruit flies become a real nuisance in homes and commercial operations where wet drains and floors trap moist organic matter. These become the breeding sites. To control fruit flies, one must eliminate these moist and damp breeding areas that are normally dark and hidden (drain, under rubber mats, aging vegetables and fruit).

The new and improved Fruit Fly Trap from GreenWay is designed for kitchens, restaurants, and bars where fruit flies are commonly found during the warm months of the year. This new formulated trap lures the male and female adult fruit flies into the specially designed funnel. After entering the trap, the fruit flies can’t escape. They then are attracted to the non-toxic liquid lure and drown. The trap should be checked every few days to see how many flies are being captured. Each trap is designed to last one whole season and then it can be discarded in normal trash.

GreenWay Fruit Fly Trap

GreenWay Fruit Fly Trap is the newest product from Insects Limited.


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