Good Bugs

by Patrick Kelley

Nearly every issue of the Fumigants and Pheromones Newsletter has a piece about “Bad Bugs”. This edition focuses on brown recluse spiders and how they can cause pain and suffering. Writing about bad bugs usually takes priority in this newsletter, since it is the bad bugs that cause destruction of our food and property, cause death and disease as well as psychological distress.

For one time, let’s look at the flip-side of the coin. There are a whole lot of “Good Bugs” out there that can supply us with enjoyment, better health and a better quality of life. Let’s take this moment to focus on the good bugs and look at all they do for us.

Beauty and Art: Many bugs have evolved into what we humans perceive as great beauty. This has lots to do with bright coloration and reflection of light. They look so
appealing to us that we often use them to create works of art.

good bugs issue 112

Pollination and Food: Insects perform a double duty in supplying mankind with food
resources. 1. Bees, butterflies and some species of flies spread the pollen from crops,
flowers and other plants which allows the plants to reproduce and thrive in nature.
2. In some cultures, the insects themselves are a food resource.

good bugs 2 issue 112

Natural Products: Insects directly supply us with natural resources that we use to make
valuable products for use in our daily lives.

Medicinal Properties: Insects have proven to cure ailments and heal wounds.

good bugs 3 issue 112

Sanitation: If it weren’t for the insects speeding up the degradation process, our world would be scattered with dead plants, animals and our own trash.

good bugs 4 issue 112

So the next time that mosquito takes a bite out of you and you find yourself cursing at bugs in general, remember that there are also a whole lot of good things that these guys do for us as well. It might make that mosquito bite itch just a little bit less!


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