Personal Training

Many times we have all sat through multiple days of continued education programs that have not focused on our particular needs for improving our in-house programs. If you have a new employee who needs personalized training in stored product protection, Insects Limited conducts one-on-one and small group tailored training for stored product protection. Alain Van Ryckeghem, Board Certified Entomologists, technical director,
former professor, and board certified stored product entomologist, arranges 1 to 4 day personalized training that includes a wide range of topics to better prepare you to manage your pest problems. Pete Swords of Insects Limited offers one-on-one training for fumigant scrubbers. This includes a full day in the classroom and one day in the field working with this new fumigant destruction technology. David Mueller and Pat Kelley, Board Certified Entomologists, offer one-on-one pheromone training and museum pest management. This includes basic pheromone set up, reports, bar coding, mating destruction, and museum pest management. If you wish to become a certified USDA export fumigator or ISPM-15 wood packaging material fumigator, FSS has personnel to show you what it takes to meet these standards.

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If you are interested in improving a skill in pest management and would like a tailored program that will address your particular needs, call 1-800-992-1991 or email


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