New Pheromone Technology

The Bullet Lure from Insects Limited has a unique design with several features that enhance functionality and performance. The reservoirs can hold a higher pheromone load than most other formulations. This means several pheromones for different species (like the new Multi-species lure) can be combined and not be limited by the capacity of the lure.
The Bullet Lure contains colored beads that provide a large surface area to allow pheromone to vaporize within the reservoir and release more evenly over the life of the lure. The beads also act as a way to identify the species of insects it was designed to attract; and lastly the aluminum cap has membrane technology to regulate the release of
the pheromone at a desired rate.

Multi-Species Lure

Multiple pheromones in one lure:
• Indianmeal moth
• Mediterranean flour moth
• Warehouse beetle
• Cigarette beetle
• Almond moth
• Tobacco moth
• Cabinet beetles and more

Uses Bullet Lure Technology with slow-release membrane and color coded beads

Lasts 60-90 days

Made in USA


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