Adelaide, South Australia “The Gateway to the Outback”

12th Fumigants & Pheromones Conference

Adelaide is the host city for the 12th Fumigants & Pheromones Conference and workshop. This may seem like an odd spot to hold an international stored product conference but in reality it is the perfect place and the perfect time of year. This picture shows the renewed riverfront with the host hotel, and the new Convention Centre across from Adelaide’s International Cricket Oval. All three are venues for this international conference.

Adelaide is a vibrant city where everything is within a 20-minute drive. It is also the gateway to the outback and to some of the finest vineyards in the world. Over 175 vineyards surround this city of about one million people where kangaroos and koalas roam wild.

The Adelaide Arts Festival, Adelaide Fringe, and Womad Music Festival take place in “Mad March” in downtown Adelaide and will be happening during the 12th Fumigants & Pheromones Conference. From international events to pop-up festivals, there is always something to do in Adelaide.

The educational program of the conference and the Australian experience will be worth the trip.

Adelaide Hotel and Host Center

Adelaide is just four movies, one good book, and a couple of naps away from Europe or North America. So pull out your phone or calendar and flip to March, 2016 and make a note to “hop on down” to Australia on March 6-9, 2016. For more information about Adelaide go to: regions/adelaidecity

March is an ideal time to leave the grey cold weather of the Northern Hemisphere and go down-under. Adelaide has warm dry days during March where the South Ocean beaches are just 20 minutes away.Did I mention that Adelaide is known for its 175 wineries? The conference in 2016 will be held at the brand new Adelaide Convention Centre just steps away from the host InterContinental Hotel. The two day educational program of practical experiences will feature well-known experts from around the world. The gala dinner will be held at the newly refurbished Adelaide Oval. This cricket oval is directly across the river from the conference venue. Dinner will be served at midwicket while learning the history of one of Australia’s favorite sports. The third day will be the ‘Walk About Workshop’. Imagine a short bus ride to a winery where workshop tables are set up to sit and discuss various topics from the conference speakers. If one wants to start a discussion on a topic, they will have over 200 people to choose from. In previous conferences we have gained more information with fellow professionals in a casual setting rather than in a lecture hall. After the ‘Walk About Workshop’ the group will bus 20 minutes away to Cleland Wildlife Park.

While this conference, like others, features practical and proven hands-on topics from around the world, expert speakers, and the exchange of knowledge, this one will be in a casual setting like none before.

Mark your calendar for your next vacation and Fumigants & Pheromones Conference… in Adelaide, South Australia. Come Down Under; we’re waiting for you!

kangaroo Koala Bear Port Adelaide


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