Superior Customer Service

Victoria                                                                                                                       Victoria Meerhoff                                                                            

Victoria has been with FSS and IL since 2003. Previously Victoria worked for an international air freight carrier where packages had to be prepared and shipped around the world with tight deadlines.

Victoria wears many hats with the company including shipping and receiving manager and inside sales support. Often hers is the voice that you hear when you are placing an order or asking to track a shipment. Fumigants and other hazardous materials are often difficult to ship without delays. Victoria works hard to make arrangements with various carriers to get the best service and the best price for her customers.

Dave Mueller, President of FSS stated: “Victoria is a people person. She is knowledgeable, helpful, and customer friendly. Victoria often stays late to track ‘her’ packages and finish the task of processing the paper work for your order. In short, Vic takes her job seriously and is willing to go the extra mile to offer superior customer service.”

John Luther                                                                                                                       John Luther                                                                                  

John has been a part of Fumigation Service & Supply Inc. since 2013. He brings with him an ongoing military career through the Indiana Army National Guard. He has served in two deployments to Iraq and has completed other military schools. On the weekends and during his summer training, John is a sergeant first class who leads fifteen soldiers in his squad.

John fills two main roles with FSS: shipping and logistics as well as working on fumigations. John stated: “I am looking to grow within the company and am excited about the future for FSS and Insects Limited.” With his military background he hopes his leadership, discipline, and organizational capabilities will be put to good use.

John has also helped serve his community volunteering his time helping coach the local high school wrestling team, where he first met Pete Mueller in middle school. In addition to wrestling and the military, John enjoys weight lifting, learning about history and the way things are made.


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