Book Reviews

Book Reviews

“Integrated Pest Management in Cultural Heritage” by David Pinniger

David Pinniger spent many years as a research entomologist at the government Central Science Laboratory {Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food} in Slough in the UK. He now provides consultancy and training on pest management in museums. Since 1989, he has been writing books specific for pest management in museum settings. “This new book titled, Integrated Pest Management in Cultural Heritage is what I would call his finest accumulation of pest biology, control, IPM strategies and superb images of museum-related pest issues,” stated reviewer Pat Kelley, BCE. This book is a “must have” for anyone working with pests in museums. It is available through Insects Limited’s bookstore for $99.00.

Bennett Writes New Book

Gary Bennett, Ph.D., is a professor of Urban Pest Management with Purdue University’s Entomology Department. Bugs Be Gone is a new illustrated guide designed to assist pest management professionals and consumers. This practical guide is broken down by pest type, where they might be found, and the threats they pose to public health, structures, and food stores. Available through Insects Limited’s bookstore for $29.99.


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