The NEW All Beetle Trap

By Alain VanRyckeghem, BCE Technical Director

For many years, Insects Limited has sold beetle traps from several different manufacturers and has sold its own Pantry Patrol and PC Floor trap alongside them. By working with these traps we have seen a variety of good and bad trap characteristics available in a wide price range. Recently we decided to take the better trap characteristics, eliminate the bad and create a newly designed trap. After two years of design and prototype testing, the All Beetle Trap™ is ready for sale. This pheromone lure contains beetle pheromones for Red flour beetle and Confused flour beetle (Tribolium spp), Cigarette beetle (Lasioderma serricorne), Warehouse beetle (Trogoderma spp.), Rice weevil (Sitophilus spp), and will attract over 20 species of stored product beetles.

New All Beetle Trap

What makes this trap unique and better? We want to cater to the service technician; it has to be easier to open, close, and inspect. To this point we have a clear top trap that eliminates the need to open every trap to ‘count zeros’. The low profile and rectangular shape allows the All Beetle Trap to be placed tightly into corners and slip under equipment that most other traps cannot access. The sides of the trap are shallow and multitextured to allow all beetle types to crawl into the pitfall design. The pit of the trap is easily removable, but has a ‘snap-fit’ that will not slip off accidentally.

The entire trap is made with polypropylene which is durable and washable if needed. It is sturdy and will not crush under the weight of a person. The pit of the trap can be used with Insects Limited’s highly effective Pantry Patrol gel packets or be fitted with a custom glue board. The choice of using a glue board allows the technician to use a variety of baits or lures for specific or groups of beetles. It also can be used without glue boards to live capture beetles that produce natural pheromone. This method has proven to be effective in a food storage warehouse environment.

The All Beetle Trap will be used primarily for stored food beetles such as Saw-toothed grain beetle, Flour beetles as well as Warehouse beetle, Cigarette beetle and Grain weevils. The new trap will also be incorporated into the Hide beetle trap kit and Carpet beetle trap kit, rather than the flat paper glue board traps presently available. This trap can accommodate other baits to trap and monitor for red-legged ham beetles (Necrobia) or even cockroaches. Future research will determine if this trap works on bed bugs.

This affordable and field proven new pheromone trap is available from Insects Limited (1.800.992.1991/ or its distributors. Product code: IL 2700-10, 10 traps and pheromone lures per box. Cost: $59.50 per box.


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