New Fum-Fog BioAssay

Insect bioassays are used to evaluate the effectiveness of a fumigation or fogging application. Insects Limited has developed and researched a new way to allow the gases, fogging particles, and vapor to enter a screen mesh pouch to kill insect adults. Normally these bioassays are placed around a building prior to an application. They then are gathered post fumigation or fogging and examined through the clear screen mesh for movement. We recommend that you take them back to your office for 48 hours post-treatment observation to record mortality. This is a valuable tool for determining the efficacy of a treatment.

New Fum Fog Bioassays

The Fum-Fog BioAssay also allows the particles of the fogging insecticide to fall through the mesh and enter the specially designed mesh that keeps insects from escaping. This new product from Insects Limited is catalog #IL-3000-10. Cost: $56 per [ten Confused flour beetle bioassays] plus freight. Because of potential temperature extremes during shipping, Fum/Fog BioAssays are shipped next day air in temperature controlled boxes. Please allow 1-2 weeks for preparation.


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