Research and Development

Research and development plays a vital role in Insects Limited and its vision. Here are some new items from that effort: New pheromones, improved pheromones, the new All Beetle trap, the multispecies lures, and a continuously updated website that receives hundreds of hits daily. Recently James Feston, a new master’s graduate from Purdue’s Entomology Department was hired to handle more R & D projects and pheromone quality control. This continuous search for better ideas is what separates Insects Limited from other pheromone companies. We do our own in-house research and development rather than source it out. We see the results from our efforts through the growth of our products. The technical support of five degreed board certified entomologists can tackle your hard questions. It is our passion to be the best at providing pheromone based monitoring tools, organizing domestic and international training, and professional assistance if you have a problem or a question. In short, Insects Limited strives to produce excellent products, provide technical support, offer updated website information and conduct ongoing research and development that looks to the future needs of our industry.


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