Dave’s Soapbox

…for what it’s worth

by David Mueller


Keith Story is an acquaintance of mine. He is the inventor of FICAM W, an insecticide used successfully for many years in the pest control industry. I had met Keith several times in England and in America at educational functions, once was when he arranged a meeting in the Wordsworth Room at Cambridge University in England. He spoke the way they do on Downton Abbey. The poetry that Keith recited from Wordsworth that day just sounded different than any place else.

I received a letter from Keith Story recently. It is one I will keep in my special drawer where I keep special mementos like letters from my parents, pictures of my kids, and old tickets to sporting events that seemed so important at the time. I wish I could write like Keith did in this letter. First, to take the time to write a full letter is a lost art. We email, text, but really never take the time to express our feelings in writing anymore. Keith did in the following letter.

Dear Dave,

Request to terminate receiving Newsletter

It seems a long time since we worked together on the 7th Edition of the Mallis Handbook of Pest Control. You and your family have come a long way in building your companies and I congratulate you on having such a good team.

Over the years I have enjoyed receiving and learning from your Newsletter and I want to thank you for sending me complimentary copies.

Family health problems prevented me from getting back full-time into the industry, and now I have fully retired. Consequently, I would be grateful if you would take my name off the Newsletter circulation list.

I’ll never forget my years in the industry, particularly in the USA, which provided such a positive and welcoming business environment. Those years were also enriched by knowing and welcoming people like you and Arnold Mallis, Gary Bennett, Bill Brehm, John Osmun, Norm Ehmann, Austin Frishman, Doug Mampe, Dick Foster, etc.

While officially retired, I am still active and my family and I are planning to buy a small farm and operate a conservation grazing system to enhance wildlife biodiversity. It would be nice to leave a small piece of the planet better than we found it. Best wishes for the future, and good luck with the Adelaide conference next year.


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