AUSTRALIA: Adelaide 2016

Have you ever wanted to visit Australia? Maybe you have been to Australia but you only visited the major cities of Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane on the eastern coast. How about The Great Barrier Reef near Caines or Beautiful Tasmania in the South or the Great Ocean drive between Melbourne and Adelaide? The outback and Australia’s unique wildlife begins as one leaves the populated coastal cities.

Vineyards, kangaroos, sheep, and wheat are a part of the landscape that makes Australia seem so vast but still civilized and productive. In addition to all these earthly wonders, there is one more reason to visit Australia and New Zealand… the people, friendly and welcoming.

You are invited to explore Australia and to learn more about stored product protection at the 12th Fumigants & Pheromones Conference in Adelaide, South Australia on March 6-9, 2016.


Now you might think, Australia is far away. Imagine this: board a big airplane at your home airport for a few hours. The service staff brings food and beverage. Now watch a movie, sleep for a couple of hours, wake up and read a good book, more beverages, another selected movie and a short nap before you land. Think of it as an all-day pass at the local movie theatre. Ok, it is a long trip for most, but it is worth it. For more details the conference program is available online at

Sharing Through Education

This conference is different from most trade meetings or scientific working groups. The speakers who are chosen to present are industry experts with decades of experience in their field. The practical information you receive and the people you meet at these gatherings of like-minded people from throughout the world will make you better at your trade. The previous 11 conferences since 1993 have offered these updates in technology and created a network of friends who gather every two years to share through education. In all, over 2500 people from 60 countries have attended. This truly is an international event.

We hope to see you in Adelaide in March.


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