Bobby Corrigan, Rodentologist

by David Mueller, BCE

I have known Dr. Robert Corrigan (Bobby) for about three decades. He has not changed much in those 30 years. The first 19 years were at Purdue University where he was a rodent specialist with the USDA and an instructor for students taking the urban pest management classes. He was the coordinator for the Purdue Pest Control program under Dr. Gary Bennett which brought together about 1000 pest professionals to spend several days at Purdue to re-tool their knowledge and revisit their acquaintances.

Bobby decided to move to Richmond, Indiana after Purdue and started a consulting business. Consulting is a difficult business to make a living. Bobby told me one day: “Dave, you need to book 100 days a year in order to make a living in this business.” Imagine, one day to prepare and travel to the customer, one or more days to provide an audit and one day to get home and write a detailed report. That makes 300 days in a year that you are working. Some do it part time or after retiring but only a few can handle it full time. An auditor is on his knees with a flashlight observing, climbing to rafters in all types of conditions, and sitting and talking for hours to convince the customer what they need to do to get better.

It is this experience over a career that has made Bobby the best. Along the way there have been mentors that pointed the way. Dr. Austin Frishman is one of them. ‘Doc’ has mentored many many young promising entomologists to get on board and stay on board.

David Mueller and Bobby Corrigan

On March 7, 2016, Bobby will be a featured speaker at the 12th Fumigants & Pheromones Conference in Adelaide, South Australia. His topic is Rodentology. A topic he knows well after spending the past 12 years working in New York City on a special assignment from the Mayor of New York. Educating the various City departments and the people that come to his hands-on classes has made a big dent in the way we approach urban rodent management.

Bobby is known around the world. In 2014 in Krakow, Poland, Bobby was invited to give a special training lecture to the Polish Pest Control Association. He connected with this audience in his distinct New York accent. The common language was pest management. In March, Bobby will travel to the Adams Pest Management company in Melbourne to address their staff and managers after speaking in Adelaide. I recently received a call from Denmark asking for Bobby’s phone number. He had a question nobody else could answer. Why? Bobby Corrigan is an international superstar. He speaks a language that everyone can understand. He tells stories that make you laugh and make you take notes. You want to come home and tell your colleagues what Bobby told you in a unique way that no one can deliver. I have heard Bobby talk about fifty times and I still want to sit and listen to him. He shares with everyone, his heart is big, and he cares about this industry. He is humble and never talks about his accomplishments.

Now, take out your calendar and clear off the first week in March. Call your travel agent and book a flight to Adelaide and attend the next Fumigants & Pheromones Conference. If for no other reason than to spend three days with Dr. Bobby Corrigan. You will never forget the experience. I guarantee it.


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