Graduation Time

Pat Headshot

Pat Kelley, BCE, Vice President of Insects Limited has received his Master’s Degree in Entomology from the University of Nebraska. Pat has always been a scholar during his 30 years of work with entomology oriented company Insects Limited. His desire to further his education and to pursue a graduate degree is something that he started about four years ago after he turned fifty. The University of Nebraska is one of the only distance learning graduate programs in the country.

Dave Mueller stated: “I have noticed that Pat has really improved his skills in pest problem solving and writing since working on this graduate degree. Pat worked on an odd pest that is rarely studied, the odd beetle (Thylodrias contractus) receiving its name from two very different looking adult genders. Pat has recently taught museum pest management topics at Yale University, New York City, and Buffalo State University. He sits on the Museum Pest Management Working Group. Pat is truly an international expert in museum pest management.”

Edgar Headshot

Edgar Garcia is the son of Luciano and Gabrielle Garcia of Noblesville, Indiana. Luciano, a licensed fumigator with Fumigation Service & Supply, handles the Export Fumigation Division. Edgar will graduate from Purdue University, 3.3 GPA in four years, in Aviation on May 15, 2016. Edgar has worked for FSS during the summers and on school breaks for the past four years. Purdue offers one of the few four year aviation programs in the United States. Edgar is the first University scholarship recipient from FSS/IL. Other scholarship recipients include Sara Lilleodden, U of M Duluth; Ben Lilleodden, Northern Iowa; Adam Gough, DePaul, and Quinn Kelley, Purdue.


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