Insects Limited Presents Scientific Study on Clothes Moths at the Louvre Museum in Paris

Conference Logo Paris.png

On September 13 – 15, 2016, the 3rd International Conference in Museums, Archives, Libraries and Historic Buildings – IPM 2016, was held in the auditorium of the prestigious Louvre Museum in Paris. This scientific meeting gathered scientists and museum specialists from 18 countries to present the most recent research on tools and methods to preserve the world’s cultural heritage. As part of this program, Patrick Kelley of Insects Limited presented the results of a detailed study on clothes moth pheromone use in textile collections. The study was a collaboration of Kelley, Laura Mina of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and James Feston of Insects Limited.


Kelley, Feston and Dr. Pascal Querner of the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences of Vienna, Austria also collaborated on a scientific poster displayed at the conference that studied the attraction of food and frass compounds to adult Drugstore Beetle, a damaging museum pest.

Paris photo.JPG

Kelley stated, “The venue of the Louvre Museum was a perfect place to discuss how we can protect museum objects that are cherished worldwide. The exchange and sharing of information between scientists, museum specialists and global participants at this international conference will truly help save many cultural heritage objects from being destroyed by pests and other means of deterioration. Insects Limited prides itself on being a global leader in pest management issues of all types.”


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