New ZIKA Treatment Standards

United States Department of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Services (FAS) Update on China’s Requirements for shipment from ZIKA-INFECTED Countries

This information is from the FAS understanding of China’s measures impacting goods exported from the United States with regard to control of Zika virus, as of August 19, 2016. This is not official USDA guidelines regarding compliance with China’s new policies for shipments from Zika-affected counties. Please bear in mind that this information may change as further clarifications and updates are made available to FAS from counterparts, and industry stakeholders clarify implementation of the new requirements and minimize potential trade disruptions.



Chinese authorities require all cargo originating from the United States to provide proof of disinfection upon arrival at the Chinese port, either air or sea. This applies to all vessels that left the United States on or after August 5, with the exception of containers kept at or under temperatures of 15 C (59 F).

Disinfection treatment may be carried oChina’s policy applies to Zika and yellow fever and will remain in effect until March 2017, subject to adjustment or renewal depending on the situationut by physical or chemical means and does not require fumigation. Chemical means could include surface spraying, space spraying, or fumigation, depending on the shipper’s choice.

Treatment can be carried out at any point during the shipping process. For example, it is acceptable for containers to be disinsected before loading, certified as mosquito free, then loaded in a mosquito-free environment.

For more information about fumigating containers and FAQs on this new international quarantine policy, go to or call 1.800.992.1991

Source: USDA


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