Nestle Purina Pet Care Food Safety Symposium

by Tom Mueller Sales Manager

What is Downstream Collaboration?

Let’s take the Nestle Purina Pet Care Food Safety Symposium as an example. 120 members of the pet food manufacturer’s supply chain gathered in downtown St. Louis, MO for 3 days in September.

After nearly 20 years of hosting this symposium, Kim Kemp (Director of Food Safety), Alexandria Hammel (QA Specialist), and Stefan Goodis (Program Manager) of Nestle Purina have perfected downstream collaboration by inviting experts of stored product pests and the food safety industry to speak to the elite crowd of 120 people about how to protect the brand they have worked so hard to establish.


Among the attendees were representatives from Nestle Purina supply chain distribution, warehousing, manufacturing, retail, and professionals hired to manage pest control. They gathered to absorb information on how to protect their facilities from stored product pests and food pathogens. Everyone was encouraged to take the valuable information and implement it in their own food safety programs. Congratulation’s Kim Kemp and the Purina Food Safety Team for training 1000’s of pest management professionals over the past 20 years. You have made a difference.





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